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Date: September 25, 2022
HiiLSE Drone Malaysia teams up with Garuda Aerospace India to set up drone plant in Malaysia




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HiiLSE Global Sdn Bhd Partner with Garuda Aerospace Pvt Ltd to eye  Southeast Asia  Drone Market


HiiLSE Global Sdn Bhd, Malaysia, has partnered with one of the largest Indian Drone firms, Garuda Aerospace Pvt Ltd, India, a DAAS organization with a focus on the Agricultural and Industrial sectors. 


HiiLSE Drones, an entity in Malaysia with a group of Founders with over 3 decades of tech expertise, shall set up a drone ecosystem across South East Asia and support the industry with the latest drone technology to improve efficiency in the government and private sectors. Founder & CTO Mr. Shanmugam S.Thanggavilo said with Garuda Aerospace’s commitment to do R&D  activities, plan is to build SEA’s first & largest HiiLSE Garuda Aerospace Plant across Six Acres of Land in Malaysia with an investment of RM65,000,000.00.  We have the potential to create 3000 Drone related expertise related job opportunities.


HiiLSE Cofounder & CEO Mr. Mohd Saharin Bin Zakaria stated local University and Government welcome the Partnership to be the frontline to build the Drone Ai EcoSystem. Mr. AR Balaraahm,  Cofounder & CBO, has already received GLC, MNC, Government’s request for an official collaboration including nation’s oldest and one of biggest University Malaya signed an academic and R&D partnership.


Mr. Elanggovan Thanggavilo the Founder & CIO quoted “We have been looking at drone firms in India to collaborate and explore markets, Garuda Aerospace’s management team was very clear in their focus and goals, which formed the basis of our relationship”.  


Garuda Aerospace has expanded its capacity beyond surveillance and mapping to include drone-based thermal imaging, ultrasonic thickness testing, inventory management, agricultural spraying, deliveries, and a number of Industry 4.0 upgrading services. 


Capabilities proven in the recent past have boosted its reputation, enabling it to expedite all of the certifications and regulatory clearances. Drones have been shown to increase efficiency and cut costs by more than 45% around the world. 


As quoted by Mr. Agnishwar, Founder and CEO of Garuda Aerospace “we are truly delighted to expand our network in SouthEast Asia markets with HiiLSE Drones”.


The South East Asia Advisory member Dato Thiwakkaran played a vital role in mapping the cultures and work patterns of both organisations. Our recent funding has positioned us to tap the global scale, the data we will generate will be very crucial for us to stand out and differentiate ourselves, as mentioned by Mr. Madhu. The Agri Drones, Solar Drones, and the NDT drones are of particular interest as the unit economics are on par with the global standards.


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  1. Hi Sir/Madam,

    I am Lawrence here representing sales person for Bossard Malaysia. We are a global fastening & solution provider company globally & Malaysia head office located at Penang & KL office. We would wish that we are giving the opportunity to work further to support you on the drone production setup in Malaysia. Looks to hear from you further & you can reach me at +6012-526 8979. Thank you.

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