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A delivery drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) used to transport packages, medical supplies, food, or other goods. Delivery drones are typically autonomous.


News & Media

Drone journalism is the capture of still images and video by remotely operated or autonomous drones (more formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs) to record events for a report by news agencies and citizen media.


Public Safety

Across the nation, law enforcement agencies, firefighters, search and rescue teams, and beyond are discovering the attainability of the aerial vantage point. Whether it's a more informed approach to dangerous situations using aerial thermal views, or investigating new ways to protect the public from bad actors equipped with drones, UAVs that can help inform your teams' situational awareness, allowing them to formulate an appropriate response in some of the most complex and testing environments.


Film & Production

Drones provide new aerial perspectives, enhancing visual experience and capturing new vantage points of the world. Camera cranes, Steadicams, and camera tracks all have specific physical constraints. Drones can replace land-based equipment



Aerial Drone Inspection allows data acquisition from hard-to-reach areas quickly, decreases various risks and costs, and reduces the workforce required on-field. Aerial inspection is executed in the presence of an authorized drone pilot who possesses the skills to accomplish the task.



Drones are primarily used for progress tracking and communication, preconstruction and site planning, quality control and assurance, bid process preparation, and job site risk mitigation.

We provide expert inspection services for your organization’s mission critical assets using drone technology.

We have expanded our capabilities beyond surveillance and mapping over the recent past and included Drone based thermal imaging, ultrasonic thickness testing, inventory management, and a variety of Industry 4.0 upgrade services.
With untangling operational experience, economical Drone based solutions with allied software, and analytical tools to boost efficiency, our company has evolved into Malaysia's most dependable Drone startup

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Efficiency and Optimization

Many drones are small, compact, and offer a higher level of maneuverability than a standard vehicle. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have a more comprehensive range of movement, fly lower in all directions, and can navigate effortlessly when contrasted to a crewed aircraft. Are drones more efficient?
By several measures, drones can be more energy efficient than trucks. Researchers from the University of Washington conducted a study in 2017 comparing carbon dioxide emissions in drone and truck deliveries.

  • Quality Aerial Imaging
  • Precision
  • Easily Deployable
  • Security
  • Maintaining Safe Environment
  • Cost Saving Technology
  • In-Depth And Detail Data In place
  • Flexibility for Quick Inspections

Insurance and Safe Transport


Insurance for Drone

There are four types of insurance that commercial drone operators should consider: liability insurance, hull insurance, cyber liability, and commercial property insurance.


Safe Transport the Drone

We transport your drone via our Unique Drone Transport System, in Malaysia and Globally




Oil & Gas

Forest Departments and Wild Life


Infrastructure Monitoring

Traffic Management

Survey of City / Towns





Medical & Health

Disaster Management

Solar Plant Inspection & Analytics

Precision Agriculture & Analytics

Aerial Security

Power Line Maintenance Inspection

Cell Tower Inspections

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